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Electric Motors / January 15, 2024

Designed with safety in mind- the Arrow Smart-Kart and Actev Application combine to provide multiple ways to support safe operation of the Arrow Smart-Kart.

Arrow Smart Kart Safety Features:

  • Proximity Sensor on the front of the Arrow supports Anti-Collision. When this feature is on it mitigates potential impacts.
  • Actev Light on the rear of the seat- provides bright illuminated indication of driving, braking and reverse.
  • Flag Mount and Actev Flag provides additional visibility above the Arrow.
  • Arrow WiFi and GPS functionality allows the ability to link with the Actev App and parents can utilize app enabled safety features.

Some of the Actev App Safety Controls:

  • Speed control- set a safe driving speed for the skill level of your child. Anywhere from 2 mph - 12 mph.
  • Geo-Fencing: define the safe area where the Arrow can be operated. This feature can be turned on and off through the Actev App. You use the Actev App to set up the Geo-Fence which creates a safe driving zone.
  • Collision Avoidance: is turned on as a default on all Arrow Smart-Karts. It can also be turned off in the Actev App. Anti-Collision may cause braking and stopping that interfere with some driving situations.
  • Emergency Stop: On the the main drive screen in the Actev App, there is a large red “STOP” button on the bottom of the screen. This lets you stop the Arrow at any time through the WiFi connection.
  • Gear Selection: Assist your driver to shift between drive and reverse if they have not yet mastered the double tap of the brake pedal. This also allows you to place the Arrow in Park when the Smart-Kart is stopped. You can also place the Smart-Kart in neutral which makes it easier to push the Smart-Kart when it is off.
  • Driver Profiles: Multiple driver profiles can be associated with each Arrow Smart-Kart. Different settings and speeds can be saved for each driver. This also allows each driver to track their own performance and driving results.

Source: actevmotors.com