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IZIP Hybrid electric Bicycle

Hybrid / December 28, 2022

After many miles and cargo carrying trips I have prepared the IZIP Metro electric bike review for you! This bike was designed to carry your stuff easily over hills and through the headwinds to let you enjoy the ride. Find out how this bike performed and if it is a fit for you.

The features of this bike:

Make sure you check out the video and pictures with the features of the IZIP E3 Metro.

Here is a little more info on the different assistance options: pedal assist and throttle or just throttle. Currie Technologies explains it this way:

“PAS/TAG+ introduces cadence-sensitive pedal assist technology. When you pedal in PAS mode this system senses your cadence and intelligently adjusts motor power to match. Select between three levels of power assist using a handlebar-mounted button. If you need even more boost regardless of setting or speed, just twist the throttle and override the system to max power. If you want to forget pedaling entirely, change to TAG mode and use the throttle alone for regulating speed and power.”

Just a note on the PAS/TAG+: to get the boost to max power you can turn the throttle but you will need to continue to pedal.

What you can expect from this bike

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