Turn Your Bike or Trike Into an Electric Bike With Ridekick!

Electric Assist Recumbent Bicycle

Electric Bicycles / January 16, 2023

electric bike trike motor conversion kit recumbent terratrike catrike

Go farther with higher confidence you can get home.

Simply add electric assist without adding a motor or batteries to your trike. Enjoy a longer ride, knowing you can return home with a boost if you become fatigued.

A throttle on the handlebar gives you total control of the motor power.

Press the throttle a little for slow assist and a full throttle will help you up to 19 miles per hour.

Have confidence with the stability of the Ridekick trailer.

Most riders travel at 18 – 23 mph, and adjust speed at turns for safe maneuvering.
Watch figure 8s in a product review.

Electric assist is a great equalizer.

Everyone can ride together on pleasure rides or short errands to the store and around town.

Riders’ Remarks:

“Without the Ridekick trailer, I’m limited to 4 or 5 miles around the neighborhood. With the Ridekick boost, I can manage 16 to 20 miles on one of the local bike paths. On the longer rides I can even carry a lunch in the trailer.”
Phil, Illinois

“I use Ridekick motor mainly for long slow inclines, steeper hills, when riding against the wind, or getting up to speed quickly when crossing intersections”
Don, South Carolina

“Went to the dealer in Portland, OR this weekend and tried out the Ridekick trailer on my Greenspeed. It worked so well that my husband and I bought 2! We will get a great many miles out of them.”
Nancy, Oregon

Are you a Ridekick trailer rider?

Here’s an entry from a couple that take a recumbent electric bike around the nation. It looks like a wonderful way to get around when they get to a campground.

Recumbent Electric Bike recumbent terratrike rover rambler

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