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Electric Karting / March 13, 2018

If you have never ridden in an electric go-kart, you are in for a shock. These machines are small in size, but pack tremendous amounts of power. They have air-inflated wheels with small tires and hubcaps. The wheels come in rubber, like car tires, with deep grooves for handling and traction around tight corners. Aluminum casting encases the tires, protecting them against punctures and flats from nails and debris. These karts feature low, bucket-style racing seats. Some come in single styles, holding only a driver while others have two seats for driver and passenger. Like cars and other recreational craft, these machines operate using engines. Instead of gasoline, however, their engines derive power from electricity. As with other battery-powered devices, you simply plug the electric go-kart into a charger, and use it after the charging completes. The engine sits on the back of these go-karts, which also houses a rear suspension unit and one of two axles. A steel or aluminum guardrail serves as the rear end, protecting components and occupants during crashes. You can browse the large inventory on eBay for these machines, along with their accessories. You can search for large parts, like electric go-kart motors, or parts, such as go-kart electric starters, tires, lights, and more.

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