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DIY electric Bicycle Motor

Electric Motors / June 22, 2023

Building a homemade electric bike using 3D printed parts! It was definitely a learning curve, but it worked out pretty well!

If you would like to build the same setup, I have listed the parts required below. As mentioned in the video, I would really appreciate it if you purchased the parts via my affiliate links to support my work. Thanks!

Parts List
Bike: (UK)
3D Printed parts:
Electric scooter throttle:
Saddle bag:
6s 5000mah li-po battery
HTD5 12T pulley (with 8mm bore for motor shaft)
HTD5 800x15mm belt
5pcs m4x30mm bolts (clamp motor mount to frame)
4pcs m4x10mm bolts (attach motor to mount)
1pcs m4x50mm bolt (roller bearings seat on this bolt)
5pcs m4 nyloc nuts
3pcs m3x10mm bolts (assembly of electronics case)
5mm wide cable ties (attach pulley to spokes)
EC5 battery connectors
4mm bullet connectors (for ESC)
Basic knowledge of electronics and soldering
and a 3D printer...

Also, the VESC is capable of using the electric scooter 'analog signal' and an input, so the arduino isn't required.

Note: The 3D printed brackets/pulley were designed specifically for the bike used in the video, it will not fit any other bike and I will not be modifying it on request to fit to other bikes.

Disclaimer: I do not hold responsibility for any wrongful riding if you chose to build this ebike. It is beyond the legal limit (250w) for an electric bike, which is why I chose to ride it within the grounds of my university.

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