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Vehicles / February 4, 2024

DC Quick Charger
The DC Quick Charger is the most robust charger that Eaton offers. It will charge an electric vehicle's battery to 80 percent capacity in 15 to 30 minutes. This charging station is the perfect solution for commercial and retail parking lots and highway rest stops.Network Manager Software
The Network Manager software provides Web portals for fleet, EVSE and load management, network provisioning and real-time monitoring and reporting. By utilizing these tools to manage an EVSE network, the Network Manager software enables a fleet manager to increase system uptime, reduce energy costs and maximize the reliability of chargers.Electric Vehicle Simulator
Eaton's Electric Vehicle Simulator allows installers to immediately test the functionality of the electric vehicle supply equipment on site during installation, ensuring proper installation.Universal Receptacle EV Charging Station
Eaton's 120 Vac Level 1 Universal Receptacle Charging Station provides a safe, reliable means for charging up to four vehicles at a time. It is the perfect solution buildings that require multiple-vehicle charging, such as apartments and offices.Offpeak Charging
A golf course may pay $5, 000–$10, 000 or more in annual demand charges, even in winter when no golf cars are being charged. Eaton’s Pow-R-Command enables a simple retrofit and utilizes utility demand-side management rebates, where applicable, for typical paybacks of less than a year.Hybrid electric
Eaton’s integrated hybrid electric system delivers a number of benefits, including up to 60 percent in reduced fuel consumption, up to 87 percent reduction in idle times, reduced maintenance and lower life cycle costs, reduced emissions, quieter operation and better acceleration.Panelboards
Eaton’s panelboards are designed for sequence phase connection of branch circuit devices. This allows complete flexibility of circuit arrangement to allow balance of the electrical load on each phase.Switchboards
Eaton’s Pow-R-Line switchboards combine a space-saving design with modular construction and increased systems rating to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution and protection.Dry-type transformers
These energy-efficient transformers are specifically designed to meet the standards set forth in the NEMA publication, “Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency for Distribution Transformers.”Integrated Facility Systems solutions
Eaton’s IFS solutions are designed to shorten your construction time with prefabricated transformers, switchboards, UPSs, lighting control and DC power units. Because the equipment is ready to install and designed to save space, you save on construction costs.Busway
Eaton provides low and medium voltage busway systems that can be utilized over a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial and institutional applications worldwide.Switching devices
Eaton’s switching devices and disconnects are used when a means of control, circuit protection and safety are needed. Switches and disconnects are horsepower rated and are suitable for use in many applications.Power Xpert meters
These Web-based power quality meters with built-in Web servers help you monitor branch circuits and other applications through an easy-to-use Web interface.Surge suppression
Eaton’s complete line of surge suppression products protects your equipment from power surges.Meter sockets
Single-position, self-contained meter sockets house the utility’s electrical watthour meters in residential and commercial buildings. Eaton offers the widest range of utility-approved sockets in the industry.iMiEV
Eaton’s quick charger was used to charge the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (iMiEV) during the “Electric Highway” event in California in 2010. Using Eaton’s quick charger, the iMiEV cars were charged to 80 percent within less than 30 minutes each.Eaton’s Electrical Services & Systems (EESS)
Eaton’s Electrical Services & Systems global team is one of the largest and most experienced team of power system engineers in the industry. These experts can install the electric vehicle charging system to fit your needs.Eaton Certified Contractor Network (ECCN)
Eaton’s certification program provides electrical contractors with the knowledge and the tools needed to provide homeowners with the safest and most technologically advanced electrical system, including solutions for charging electric vehicles.

Source: www.eaton.com