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Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

Vehicles / February 11, 2024

Considering where you buy if you’re in the market for a new vehicle is essential. Many dealers offer a variety of vehicles, help with financing and paperwork, and other perks that private sellers or online retailers can’t match. Be sure to test drive multiple cars, get a vehicle history report, and ask about extra options that can add up quickly, such as paint and fabric protection, rust-proofing, and other warranties.

Better Selection

While you can purchase a used car from an individual seller or an online vehicle marketplace, dealerships offer more benefits beyond their inventory. Typically, you can expect an extended warranty and detailed vehicle history report when buying from a dealer. Many dealerships, such as Kia of Irvine, also offer certified pre-owned programs to give buyers extra confidence in their vehicles.

These programs often include a comprehensive inspection, an extended warranty, and a free vehicle history report. They also allow shoppers to compare cars based on their price and condition. This gives buyers greater transparency that can’t be found with private sellers. These tools can be a great way to get the car you want without paying more than you should.

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

Lower Insurance Rates

For some people, a new car cannot fit their budget. Buying a used car could save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price and lower your insurance rates.

Some dealerships have certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles backed by the manufacturer, including factory-backed warranty coverage. These programs also typically provide perks like roadside assistance, trip interruption insurance, and no-cost maintenance. Dealerships may also offer various loan financing options and incentives for their vehicles. You can pay thousands of dollars less than the frightening sticker price once you negotiate and apply all the rebates.

Easier Financing

Purchasing from a private seller often requires a lot of paperwork. Titles must be transferred, registrations done, and bills of sale drafted. Dealerships help with this process and handle most of it for you.

Another benefit of dealerships is their financing options. If you are pre-approved by a lender, dealerships can submit your loan application to multiple lenders and get you the best offer.

Also, most dealerships will give you top dollar for your old car if you have a trade-in vehicle. This may make the difference in whether you can afford the vehicle you want or not. It can also help you pay off your loan faster and save on interest costs in the long run.

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Peace of Mind

Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership can give purchasers peace of mind. Dealerships typically only offer vehicles that meet certain conditions and mileage requirements to be certified pre-owned, and many come with additional warranties to provide buyers with peace of mind.

Additionally, dealers often place a high value on customer satisfaction, so they have an incentive only to sell reliable cars. This provides assurance that isn’t possible when buying from a private seller. Moreover, dealerships also make it easy to buy a car by handling most of the paperwork on behalf of customers. They may even file sales taxes and register the car in your name. This can save you time and stress. A car is a big purchase, so peace of mind is essential.

Lower Prices

Dealerships usually offer lower prices on used cars compared to private sellers. This is because dealerships are willing to take a hit on profits to sell more vehicles. Car buyers should always compare prices on multiple cars before making a purchase. Having financing pre-approved from your bank or credit union can also give you negotiating power at the dealership. Focus on the price of the vehicle versus the monthly payment and stick to your budget. Use industry guides like to help determine the value of your desired vehicle and negotiate with that number in mind.

Image by Hyundai Motor Group from Pexels