Commercial Adventurer One - Yamaha Golf Car

Yamaha Electric Utility Vehicle

Vehicles / May 4, 2023

Come in and Visit Our Expansive Showroom and Service Facility!

At Fairway Golf Car, we inventory a vast array of Golf & Utility Vehicles. We represent several manufacturers including Club Car, Yamaha, Motrec, GEM Electric, Easy Picker & Polaris, and have an almost limitless number of vehicle customization. We are your local "Street Legal Low Speed Vehicle" headquarters and can answer all your questions.

If you do not see a vehicle on our website, that doesn't mean we don't carry it. We serve in many cases as a 'gateway facility' to customize and deliver any of the products you see online for no additional cost to our clients!

Our Sales Team has been directly promoted from our service department, so you can feel confident you'll always speak with a knowledgeable individual about your purchase. We will outfit any car to meet your needs.

Contact us and get started by filling out the form on the right. Select the option ' New Vehicles', and a member of our team will contact you on the date you request.

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