Electric Go Kart

Electric Go-Kart Racing

Electric Karting / June 4, 2024

Capable of doing 0-to-60 mph in under five seconds and a top speed of 80 mph, Bosch's new all-electric go-kart is about to change the kart racing industry. That's because, until now, gasoline-powered karts have been the industry standard for kart racing.

The e-kart prototype isn't just a glorified golf cart; it was designed from scratch as an EV. Heck, it even has a high-tech EV drivetrain onboard. Specifically, the e-kart features Bosch's new BRS boost recuperation system underneath its plastic body panels.

BRS is composed of two electric motors that drive the e-kart's rear wheels. More than simply supplying up to 221 pound-feet of torque to the pavement (51 lb-ft. more than produced by the Toyota Camry's engine, for comparison), the electric motors can also slow the e-kart while generating electricity that can be later used for acceleration.

BRS can generate electricity while slowing the kart by spinning the motors backward. This makes sense, if you think about it. When the motors spin forward, expending electricity from the onboard batteries, the kart accelerates. When they spin backward, they generate electricity that is fed back to the batteries while also slowing the e-kart.

Although the e-kart is a prototype at the moment, it's been embraced by Mach 1, Germany's largest go-kart producer.

Since karting is a gateway for the world's race-car drivers, there's a good chance the e-kart signifies the start of a new era in which racers will only know racing dominated by electric powertrains.

Source: mashable.com