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Electric Kart Stand

Electric Karting / April 20, 2023

Price: $3, 450
Location: Theodore, AL
Contact: Gary Erdman (251) 508-6448
Description: 2012 Rage Cruiser, 2 Chavis Motors (2015 and 2016), Electric Kart Stand, Scale Stand, Extra Set of Tires, Assortment of Extra Parts. Kart and motors only - $2, 800.

Price: $9, 000
Location: Tennessee
Contact: Jeffrey West
Description: Black PC chassis w/ VIN plate & title, white body in good condition. Recent (January 2017) upgrades include: Ken Joyce Racing big boy chassis conversion, new black interior sheet metal, double sheer tabs added, new WILWOOD brake system installed, new free spin bearing spacers installed, new ss braided brake lines for rear brakes installed, chassis squaring and full set up and scaled for asphalt oval by Ken Joyce Racing, new Butler Built EZ series full containment seat 17", new IMPACT 5-way camlock harness, new MPI Legend car steering wheel w/center pad, four new 8" SWIFT coil overs, new black/red anodized aluminum coil over adjusters, 1250 sealed motor with approx. 10 races, dash gear indicator, oil cooler w/electric fan, new stainless steel BORLA header & muffler, freshly rebuilt carb by Ken Joyce Racing (1 race), K&N filters (3 races), new 3.90 spooled gear (3 races). Includes misc. spare parts like aluminum tie rods, heims, ignition, starter, ball joints, brakes & brake pads, steering wheel, braided line. Also includes assortment of new Grade 8 bolts, lock nuts, washers in sizes that fit all chassis/suspension components.
Additional Parts: (6) Basset wheels
(5) Aero wheels (new)
10 tires (2 LS tires only have 1 race)
Spare L & R front fenders (good condition)
Extra front & rear bumpers (2 new)
Rear end housing w/ double shear tabs (excellent condition)
3.73 gear
3.58 gear
3.42 gear
3.30 gear
(16) 10" springs various weights
(1) spare carburetor
Quick Jack
Spare pipe & muffler
NEW Longacre Camber/Caster gauge w/Legend spindle adapter

Car only for $9, 000
Car with all extras for $11, 000

Price: $2, 900 OBO
Location: Mobile, AL
Contact: Adam Law (251) 680-6516
Description: 7'x 16' Wells Cargo. Its in great shape. Its had new tires installed last year. Has E-track on the walls.

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