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Electric Motors / July 13, 2023

I've been riding, racing and building motorised bicycles for well over 20yrs, mainly China girl 2 strokes, and I'm happy too say the new bt 80 is definitely the new generation of affordable 2 stroke Bolt in motors. Easy install if u have played with China 2 strokes b4 u won't have a prob.. Expect alot more torque.. Easy and I mean too damn easy starting, smother ride, 12v power supply for lights, indicators, I've even seen a stereo installed using this kit... Replace the stock crap nuts n bolts and source a decent carby and exhaust and it's a damn beast.. I haven't even bothers too port it out and it keeps up with motors worth over double. (Posted on 5/23/2017)

  • Leaps and bounds better than the regular motors Review by Good motor, much better than the standard china girls

The motor is great, you can tell from the build quality that this isn't just a regular motor that have been on the market for years. Everything on it is better, even the metal they use to build the block. (Posted on 5/9/2017)

  • Electric start bullet train Review by Scooterin

I've now had this motor six months and still runs great I ride it to work 5 days a week, one problem ive experienced was a very noisy clutch with slight vibration, after opening clutch cover I discovered a loose center bolt once tightened clutch ran great. (Posted on 4/29/2017)

  • i love this kit Review by thomas

i got this kit fuel fiter was cracked and one wire in elec. box was wrong plug in for it just smash wire plugged it in and it starteded put this kit on beach cruiser rides smooth and its great ride love elec start but we had to mount elec box on top bar behind gas tank you shold make wires longer you can zip tie them but this a great kit i would buy same one again its cool got it put togather and went 32 mph them stopped got break it in thanks bb ride man dont wont to blow her up (Posted on 4/7/2017)

  • Nice running motor Review by Timothy

This was my first bike build and I am impressed with this motor. Like the electric start and will fire up every time. I would definitely recommend this engine and I will probably buy another one because I can't keep my wife off mine. (Posted on 4/1/2017)

  • its cool Review by Arthur

it runs well and is very fast. I use to have the regular china girl Flying horse and this one is a night and day difference. It's more like a motorcycle than a motorized bike. (Posted on 1/12/2017)

  • Not your average China Girl Review by Logan

Gonna lay this out real simple, this thing is nice.

-Electric start (it was 5 degrees F today, and it started right up with no choking whatsoever)
-Carb is pretty close, as far as jetting goes (works near perfect in cold weather, your mileage may vary, will probably be on the rich side for most)
-Smooth (with a 44T sprocket on a 27" wheel, I hit 30 before I backed off, and it was due to me going easy on it, not the vibration)
-Powerful (centrifugal clutch combined with it's increased power over a stock china girl means it can get rolling from a dead stop pretty easy, not good for your wheel though, you can snap spokes by accelerating too harshly)
-Quality (the engine itself is well manufactured for the country of origin and the price point)
-Spares (mine came with an entire spare top end, a bunch of spare nuts and bolts for everything, and a spare exhaust gasket)
-Battery (way more powerful than it needs to be, combined with the engine's stator you would have no problem running lights/turn signals with plenty of extra charge to go around)

-Kit is not as advertised in the manual or description (it comes with a 48T, as shown by what I received and the product image, very slight and unimportant differences otherwise)
-Kit itself is the usual junk (chain, chainguard, carb, chain tensioner, fuel tank, et cetera; everything but the engine and battery is the usual low quality stuff you get with these kits, it works, but you'll want to upgrade; quality chain, ditch the chainguard, an RT/Puch/Mikuni/Dellorto carb, a spring chain tensioner, and a bigger fuel tank will do you well)

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