Best Electric Vehicles Of 2016: Kia Soul EV, Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla

Best Electric Vehicles

Vehicles / May 14, 2023

What’s a gas-guzzling Honda Pilot doing in a blog post about the best electric cars? Well, my research journey to find the best electric cars started because of the Honda Pilot, my family’s beloved SUV, which will soon be enjoying its final road trip with our family. Not only has it given us over 200, 000 miles and smiles, but it has been the setting for thousands of unforgettable moments in our family’s life: The two-hour drive to meet our first puppy, and being stopped by the Highway Patrol — going and coming. Annual family pilgrimages to Disneyland. And, of course, the infinite number of drives carting the kids everywhere and back.

It is with these assorted memories and fleeting years of togetherness in mind that I prepare to bid farewell to our faithful Pilot. Like most Hondas, she wears her years well, but my wife is itching for something new and fuel-efficient, and my kids, the greatest advocates for the environment in my household, are bugging us to go green.

So, the family decision is to retire our old friend and replace it with a new EV as an investment in the future, the family, and Mother Nature.

I had one concern: Like most families, the majority of our driving is within a radius of less than 40 miles, including to and from school, the supermarket, soccer practice, etc. In this case, an electric car makes economic sense given the number of short trips we take. But my family takes road trips also, so our new car has to be able to get us a decent distance on a charge. I’ve never had to worry about fueling the old Pilot. Turns out, EV range and charging are much less problematic than they were a few short years ago.