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Electric Vehicles Future

Vehicles / January 16, 2023

In this example, the koala is a 1.8-liter Mazda MX-3 V-6. /p table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"x">

1991 Mazda MX-3 V-6

I’ve helmed a wide array of electric vehicles, and they all hew to a certain theme. I drove a Balqon electric bus in L.A. It was slow, and when I hit the throttle it went “ScreeeHrrmmm.” I drove Toyota’s electric Pikes Peak racer. It was fast, and when I hit the throttle it went “ScreeeHrrmmm.” The Tesla Model S P90D rearranges a driver’s internal organs while going “Screee- Hrrmmm.” I’ve even ridden a 45-mph ­electric recumbent tricycle called the Outrider 422 Alpha. Guess what it sounds like.

Back in the primitive world of chooga-chooga boom-boom engines, it would have been unthinkable that a recumbent bike would ex- hibit the same basic powertrain characteristics as an open-class Pikes Peak racer or a 30-passenger bus. But that’s the reality of electric motors. Oh, you’ve got a new electric car? Let’s see, does it make maximum torque at zero rpm? It does? I just guessed that, somehow. I must be clairvoyant! Let’s go to the horse track. I’ve got a real good feeling about that mare with the equine scoliosis.

Your electric car probably also has a one-speed transmission. Save the Manuals? How about save the gearboxes? Because transmissions are another category of diversity set to be snuffed out by the EV.

I love getting into a manual Camaro and toggling the wheel paddles to activate rev-matched downshifts. I love teeing up a launch-control clutch dump in a PDK Porsche. I love climbing out of a car with a CVT and spending the next hour complaining about CVTs, right until my therapist cuts me off and asks if I’m still eating glue.

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