Gates Partners with Light Electric Vehicle Association to Push

Light Electric Vehicle Association

Vehicles / January 19, 2023

The global trade organization Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) was established to pursue common goals and interests in the industry. The first organizational meeting will be held in Shanghai on May 3, 2009.

The light electric vehicle (LEV) industry formed a global trade association (called LEVA) to develop uniform technical standards for LEVS, and promote the use of LEVs worldwide.

All component suppliers, manufacturers, assemblers, wholesalers, retailers, and interested individuals are invited to join. LEVA will hold its first organizational meeting in Shanghai the day before the China Cycle Show opens its doors on May 3, 2009. Those unable to attend will be able to vote online to approve all sections of the 2009-2010 organizational plans.

Light electric vehicles are defined as battery, fuel cell, or hybrid-powered 2-or-3-wheel vehicles generally weighing less than 200 pounds (100 kg). Of this group, electric bicycles (e-bikes) are most common. The majority of e-bikes sold worldwide are manufactured in China.

An initial membership fee structure has been announced. Industry players joining and paying this fee, will not have to pay annual fees again, once the final fee structure is announced later in the year. Individuals pay $25 and corporate members $300 per year. The organization will be registered as a limited liability corporation by mid-February.

There are also two categories of sponsorships for companies wishing to advertise on the LEVA website. In the first year, a sponsorship will amount to $500. For $750 a corporate member will receive free advertising for a year, it will be listed as a corporate sponsor and its logo will be featured.

Industry advocate Ed Benjamin is the founder, Sid Kuropchak is the executive director and Vivian Wei is LEVA's contact in China. A European contact will be named soon.

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