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Electric Vehicle Battery Specifications

Battery / February 28, 2023

IIn addition to the Lithium-ion Battery Coverage for defects in materials or workmanship (96 months/100, 000 miles, whichever comes first), the Nissan LEAF® Lithium-ion battery is also warranted against capacity loss below nine bars of capacity as shown on the vehicle’s battery capacity level gauge for a period of 96 months or 100, 000 miles (whichever occurs first) with the 30 kWh battery [*] . See your Owner's Manual for tips on maximizing battery life and capacity.

Complimentary rental car program:

For the first 36 months/36, 000 miles (whichever occurs first), your participating Nissan LEAF® certified dealer will provide the owner a complimentary rental vehicle when a warrantable repair is performed, subject to availability and the eligibility requirements. (See your Nissan dealer and read the Roadside Assistance section of your Warranty Information Booklet for complete details and eligibility requirements.)

Electric Vehicle (EV) System Coverage

The Electric Vehicle (EV) System includes, but is not limited to, the following items: Motor, Inverter unit, VCM, Reduction gear, DC/DC converter, Onboard charger, Onboard charger connector, and Trickle charge cable.