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Portable electric Motor for Bicycle

Electric Motors / January 17, 2023

Mounted Bicycle BoosterPackThis is part 1 of a series. You can find part 2 here, and part 3 here.

I love riding my bicycle and I think its a shame that the suburb of Dayton I live in is designed for car use only. That means no bike lanes, high speed limits, busy intersections, and a low density packing of places I’d want to ride to.

As a result I’m the only one I ever see pedaling across the nearby 6 lane intersection to the store. Or shopping while dripping with sweat and a backpack full of groceries for that matter.

I figured an electric bicycle could make my life a lot easier. Plus they’re freaking cool.

Bicycle BoosterPack KitUnlike my electric motorcycle project, e-bikes are a very environmentally friendly and practical mode of transportation. Bicycles are the most energy efficient human powered vehicles and electric vehicles are the most efficient form of powered locomotion. Combine the two and magic happens.

But I’m not interested in dropping $4, 000 on a brand new e-bike, or even $1, 300 on a standard hub motor conversion kit.

All I need is an occasional boost, so over the past couple months I’ve created a low cost high value EV conversion kit: The ‘Bicycle BoosterPack’.

The BoosterPack (so named because it makes me think of a jetpack) is designed to quickly mount to the seat post of adult size road commuting bicycles to give them an electric boost at the push of a button.

Motor doesnt contact tireIt uses friction to drive the rear wheel, but it only touches the tire when the button is pushed. The drive motor is on a swing arm with a spring pulling it away from the tire. When the button is pushed the rapid spinning of the motor swings it into the tire. In this way it doesn’t add drag or rotating mass when not in use!

Another big feature of this design is that it can be completely removed in seconds. Unlike traditional E-bikes where the entire vehicle is expensive and at risk of being stolen off the bike rack, the Bicycle BoosterPack can be taken with me wherever I go.

What’s more awesome is that I don’t need a special license or registration to drive this thing. E-bike laws vary throughout the US, but this hybrid technology is considered legal as long as I abide regular bike laws. The bike is still a regular bike when it’s not boosting!

Original Eboost Commuter Booster Early Iterations Alternate boosterpack mount

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