2 Honda minimoto go karts electric mini moto cart 1 running 1

Honda Electric Go Kart

Electric Karting / January 18, 2023

Our electric start 196cc 6.5 Hp 168F Honda GX200 Clone go-kart & mini bike engine may be one of the best values going.

This 196cc go-kart and mini bike engine is a single cylinder air cooled engine ideal for lightweight applications, including custom projects. With Monster Scooter Parts' convenient inventory of spare and replacement ATV, go-kart, and mini bike parts, there is no longer any need for the home mini bike or go-kart builder to scrounge second-hand "junk engines" as was all too often the case in years past.

This 6.5 HP Honda clone go-kart and mini bike engine includes a manual pull start as well as the convenience of an electric start. It also has the air filter, carburetor, fuel tank, muffler, and spark plug as shown. Additionally, see our category pages for specific 196cc 6.5 Hp "Honda-clone" engine parts.

This engine is compatible with many applications using OEM engines that visually look like the detailed picture on the item page. Please ensure this engine will provide the form, fit, and function needed on your custom scooter, go-kart, or portable utility product prior to ordering.

Switch: black and white stripe wire w/ thermal sleeve to Starter Relay: black and white stripe wire w/ thermal sleeve
Switch: brown wire to Oil Sensor: brown wire
Switch: white wire w/ thermal sleeve & loop connector to Starter Relay: ground terminal
Battery Negative Terminal: white wire w/ heavy gauge & loop connector to Relay: negative terminal
Battery Positive Terminal: white wire w/ heavy gauge & loop connector to Relay: positive terminal

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